Quotes from “The Moon and More” by Sarah Dessen

moon and more heart for quotes

It’s that time again, guys. Quote day!

It can’t be summer without a True Blood season and a Dessen book to devour whole. This time they came only weeks apart I’ll allow a week and a half for these to take effect and for summer to finally come.

Sarah Dessen novels hold a special place in my heart and on my shelf, so this list was originally much longer. I can’t help it; she had me at “The Truth About Forever.

Without further ado, here are the both insightful and hilarious quotes from her latest book, “The Moon and More.

There’s a difference between the words father and dad. And it’s more than three letters.

He was such a great guy, I knew that any other girl would be able to overlook any of his not-so-great aspects. But I was me. Unfortunately.

Even when nothing was normal, breakfast apparently did not change.

I’m leaving. It wasn’t really necessary to say, especially if you were already walking away. Almost redundant. And yet, there was a comfort in there being no question, no room for doubt.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the one having to douse a flame or helplessly watching it sputter. Either way, it goes out eventually.

My own problems might have been too much to deal with, but I was more than happy to deal with someone else’s.

Summary and review up soon!


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