WWW Wednesday | Weekly Wrap Up

I saw this type of post of From Cover to Cover and thought, what a great way to do a weekly wrap up. After doing my massive August wrap up I knew I needed a more frequent wrap up schedule, and this is just perfect. It’s WWW Wednesday, a tag hosted on Taking on a World of Words It’s easy to do, just answer the three questions below!

This first post I’ll be wrapping up the first two weeks of September, and then I’ll be weekly going forward. Into the wrap up!

What are you currently reading?

I’m nearly done with The Kiss of Deception as my commute audiobook, and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m super late to this book, so a quick synopsis is a YA fantasy romance in which a princess runs away from her arranged marriage and she’s being chased by a jilted prince and an assassin.

My buddy read audiobook this week is Fight and Flight, the fourth book in the Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer. And my physical train/before bed read is Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman. I found an ARC of this at a library booksale so I figured I’d take advantage of a rare ARC by reading it by the time it comes out.

These are the books I read so far this month that I own physical copies of.

What did you recently finish reading?

City of Ghosts (★★★★☆): This was a fun middle-grade ghost story, but I had to dock a star because I felt at times the story talked down to the reader. I get it, it’s middle grade and I’m 24, but I’ve read other middle grade books that weren’t as juvenile. This girl loves Harry Potter, but she somehow didn’t know that Brits call cookies biscuits?? OK. I’ll still pick up the future books in the series. (Audio via Hoopla)

Human Acts (★★★★★): This is a heartbreaking story following the violent student uprising in South Korea. Each of its six parts imparted a unique view of the atrocities the people went through, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the real-life events. Trigger warnings for rape, torture, war, suicide and substance abuse. (Audio via Libby)

You (★★★★☆): I’d recommend this to any Criminal Minds fan. It’s a stalker story told from the perspective of the stalker. You don’t expect to connect to Joe, but you still manage to (except, you know, when he’s being egregiously stalkerlike and misogynistic) when he calls out douchey behavior. The story could’ve been tightened a bit (as the plot goes through three loops), but I still like it overall. (Audio via Libby)

The Vegetarian (★★★☆☆): Coming off of Han Kang’s Human Acts I was expecting to love this. A South Korean woman decides to become a vegetarian and this throw her life and relationships with her family off the rails. The story has its fair share of incredible moments of dissecting a woman’s bodily autonomy, but the final third of this book completely lost me. I just could not get along with the sister’s POV. (Audio via Libby)

Emma in the Night (★★★★☆): Most of my theories when reading this “missing sisters” mystery thiller turned out to be wrong, except for the one that turned out to be the most cliched of plot elements. It was still an engaging read that kept me guessing. But the discussion of narcissism seems a bit.. off to me. A bit too black and white. Criminal psychologists, please weigh in (jokes). (Audio via Libby)

Jade City  (★★★★☆): I’m conflicted over how to rate this properly. This book wasn’t what I wanted but I still have to admit to its quality. This is described as an “epic” fantasy, but it’s more mafia drama with a dash of the fantastical. It’s a 3 based on my actual enjoyment, but 4 if I’m being objective. (Audio via Libby)

Rogue Protocol  (★★★★☆): This is the third in The Murderbot Diaries novella series, and it’s a return to form to the first book after the plot of the second just wasn’t engaging to me. If an anti-social AI sounds at all interesting to you, pick these up! (Audio via Scribd)

Foundryside (★★★★★): I have a full review of this up, so I’ll just say I loved this. Best fantasy I’ve read since The Stormlight Archive. (Audio via Libby)

Seafire (★★★☆☆): This is described as a feminist pirate story, in which an all-female crew fights some ruthless pirates to find their kidnapped brothers. But it’s just OK. I didn’t find the main character very compelling, and I’d be more interested in a companion series following the other girls on the ship. Undecided if I’ll continue with the series. (Audio via Libby)

The Rest of Us Just Live Here  (★★★☆☆): I probably would have enjoyed this more about 10 years ago. It follows the other kids who aren’t the chosen ones as supernatural shit goes down around them. Some critique this as being boring, which I guess it is compared to a supernatural story going on in the background. But it is an interesting case study of how everything feels momentous when you’re a teenager, even the mundane fights and jealousies. (Audio via Libby)

A World Without Whom  (★★★★☆): This is a language and style book by the copy desk chief for Buzzfeed. I’m a copy editor by training, so I like to pick books like this up from time to time. Most grammar books I’ve read have nerdy humor, but this had regular millennial humor as well, which makes sense given the author. While I didn’t agree with all of her stances on style decisions (she’s too “follow your heart” for my style), she did touch on some interesting topics, like focusing on getting the more important things right before worrying about if you hyphenate T-shirt. (Hardcover from local library

A Crown of Swords (★★★☆☆): This series, man (and ladies, and nonbinary friends). I’m being generous with this 3. A rape is played for jokes because it’s was a female assaulter against the ladies’ man character. Doesn’t change the fact he was forced at knife-point… And the main female characters are still only allowed to cat-fight with each other and moon over their lovers. The one pro for this book is that it wasn’t crazy long this time and the plot didn’t meander as much as usual. (Audio via Libby)

Some books I want to get to next.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m somewhat participating in #ReadWhatYouOwn September / an early OWNtober by prioritizing books I already own, so right now I have these three out from the library on audio: The Association of Small Bombs by Karan Mahajan, Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward and The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden.


  1. I love the photo of Capitol Hill Books on your About page.

    I can imagine living in DC…although as I read the book Fear, I think that maybe I’m glad to be thousands of miles away!

    Thanks for sharing your books and your life…and for visiting my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, the Fear hype is real here. It’s not everyday a non-Harry Potter book has a midnight release, but several bookstores here held release parties.


  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Kiss of Deception. I have all of the books in the series, but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying it so far. I’ve been wanting to read Dry. I may check out the audiobook from my library soon. I wasn’t that into The Rest of Us Just Live Here. It was too weird for me, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea, The Rest of Us Just Live Here is definitely not for everyone. It’s like you both have to love magical realism but also literary fiction, but be a teenager all at the same time to really enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love The Kiss of Deception and the next two novels in the series. I think they’re amazing. What are your thoughts on Dry so far? You’re so lucky to have found an ARC!! Neal Shusterman’s writing is just brilliant,

    So glad that you’re joining the WWW Wednesday gang! I look forward to reading your weekly posts.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m only about a quarter of the way through Dry, but I can tell things are about to get intense! This is my first Neal Shusterman book actually, but I’m really liking him. Since he co-wrote this with his son, I’m trying to guess along the way which of them wrote the different sections.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So happy you’ve joined us! I’ve been interested in reading Han Kang for a while now. I’m surprised you didn’t like The Vegetarian, since I believe that was award winning and the only one I had heard of until now, but now I really am intrigued by Human Acts. Great reads!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Vegetarian seems to be the more polarizing of the two of hers that have been translated so far. Of the reviewers I follow on Goodreads, the ratings are all over the place. I loved the first two-thirds, but whenever the ending falls flat it makes me rethink my rating.


      • I think how a book ends is really important, so I completely understand your rating if the ending fell flat for you. Glad you enjoyed Human Acts more.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I read A Crown of Swords as well this month. Despite the rape scene, it was a bit better than the last book. The series is a re-read for me, so I already know it’s worth sticking with, which helps me through these iffy middle books. This one was actually not as bad as I remembered, ha!

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  6. Aaaaah Neal Shusterman!! I didn’t realise he had a new book out soon, will definitely be buying that. If you haven’t read the Arc of the Scythe by him yet, I highly rec it if you get the chance. I read a lot of YA SFF and I really think it’s doing a lot different from most of the stuff currently out there. Kind of surprised you found an ARC at a library booksale, but I live in a tinyass town so my experience of cool libraries are p limited.

    You’v got a ton of interesting books on here! I’ve put the Foundryside one on my to-read-to-get list 🙂

    My WWW post: https://rlprotagonist.wordpress.com/2018/09/19/wwwweds-apocalyptic-internet-president/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh yea I was totally surprised too, but since then I’ve found really popular titles everywhere. DC’s a really bookish city thankfully. I haven’t read a Shusterman before, so if this turns out as well as I expect, I’ll be picking Scythe up eventually. And yes!! Foundryside is fab. I hope you enjoy it!


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