Spookathon TBR | Readathon

Happy Spookathon, folks! I decided last minute (aka yesterday) to participate in this year’s Spookathon, hosted by Books and Lala, Peter Likes Books and Shannon Bookerly. I was in such a slump last week during the Charms Extra Credit readathon that I’m hoping to get back in the groove with some quick spooky reads.

Here are the challenges:

  • Read a book with purple on the cover.
  • Read a thriller
  • Read a book with a spooky word in the title
  • Read a book not set in our time
  • Read a book with illustrations

Optional: Read the group book (Toil & Trouble) – I won’t be reading this because my libraries don’t have any copies

So into the TBR! Most of these can complete more than one challenge, so I might mix and match depending on how much time I have.

0085a455-690f-4c7e-87ee-2cc4b57cb8acThe Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

I read my first Shirley Jackson (We Have Always Lived In the Castle) last year and really loved it and have been wanting to continue with her books ever since. So when I saw this while browsing Hoopla’s horror books and that it had a purple cover, I couldn’t resist. I don’t really know the synopsis of this book, but given it’s a horror, I’d rather been surprised. Challenges: Purple cover, spooky word, not set in our time

34810320Sadie by Courtney Summers

Does this book even need introduction? It’s absolutely everywhere at the moment. It follows Sadie, who’s out looking for revenge after the death of her little sister, and the storylines follow Sadie and a podcast that’s trying to find out what happened. Typically I’d be hesitant to pick something like this up (as YA thriller isn’t a genre I gravitate toward), but everyone loves the audiobooks, so why not? Challenges: Thriller

23308488Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Issues #1-8)

I loved the Sabrina show growing up, so I was always interested in picking these comics up. But now with the Netflix show, the pressure is high to get caught up immediately. I already started these a couple days early, which is why I’m tacking on the single issues that are out after the first book. Challenges: Not set in our time, spooky word, illustrations

That’s all I’m striving to complete for the readathon, but if I find I have more time, I’ll pick up these two just so I can complete 5 things.

32905343Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

I know pretty much nothing about this book besides that it’s supposed to be like Stranger Things. But look at the cover. Who wouldn’t want to read that around this time of year. Challenges: Purple cover

36280154Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

What can I say? This doesn’t complete any of the challenges really, unless you count the 90s as not set in our time/I find a cover that’s purple/you count magic as a spooky word. I just really want to read it OK? OK. I love the movie and have wanted to read this since finding out the movie was based on a book.

That’s a wrap! Are you doing the Spookathon or reading any spooky books? Give me all the recommendations!

Comments or suggestions?

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