My Month in Books | October Stats

Happy November, bookworms! Before the new month gets underway, let’s take a look back at October.

Into the stats!

I definitely thought this month would be the month I finally start to slow down after the crazy August and September, but I still managed a lot of books. I had a slightly better reading month with a long string of 4 stars with an average of 3.9, but again I only had two standouts out of 20 so hopefully I’ll find more gems soon. Also, the state of my shelves is.. shameful. I did really poorly on the whole “OWNtober” thing and only read 4 books from my physical TBR. Hopefully Nonfiction November will help with that. I also read a majority 2017/2018 releases, which I hadn’t realized as it was happening (I typically think I read more backlist than that).

Book Overview

Books Read: 20

“Pages” Read*: 7193, but only read read 440 of those

Hours Listened: 214



3★: 5 | 4★: 11 | 5★: 4 | Average: 3.95★

Types of Books

Age Range

  • YA: 5
  • Adult: 15


  • eBooks: 3 (from Hoopla)
  • Audio: 17
    • Libby: 15
    • Hoopla: 2
    • Audible: 0
    • Scribd: 3


  • Average page count: 360
  • Average audio length: 13 hours
  • Longest: 685, Path of Daggers
  • Shortest: 120, I Hate Fairyland Vol. 4



Publication Year

  • 2017-18: 15
  • 2007-16: 2
  • 10+ years old: 3

The State of My Shelves

Read from my shelves: 4

Unhauled: 0 (some on the pile, just haven’t actually gotten rid of them yet)

Bought/acquired: 27 books

For the actual books I read and hauled:

Wrap Up Part 1

Wrap Up Part 2

Wrap Up Part 3

October Book Haul

Wrap Up Part 4

Wrap Up Part 5

How was your month in books? Find any new favorites?

PS: I made the charts like I wanted to but now realize they aren’t very accessible to people with vision impairment. So that’s still a work in progress. I’ll figure out a different way to do it next time.


Comments or suggestions?

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