My Month in Books | November stats breakdown

Happy December, bookworms! Before the new and final month of the year gets underway, let’s take a look back at November.

Into the stats!

This was the month of nonfiction and science fiction. My main priority was Nonfiction November, but my buddy reads leaned heavily into my newfound Expanse obsession. Those big sci-fi books helped pad out my page length/hours listened because I listened to several short short nonfiction books/essays. Regardless of all that, I had my biggest reading month of the year so far aided by an extremely slow second half of the month at work.

Book Overview

Books Read: 28

“Pages” Read*: 9714, but only read on audio this month (besides one book I’m still in the middle of)

Hours Listened: 305


3★: 4

4★: 12

5★: 12

Average: 4.29★

Types of Books

Age Range

  • YA: 1
  • Adult: 27


  • Audio: 28 
    • Libby: 21
    • Hoopla: 1
    • Audible: 2
    • Scribd:4


  • Nonfiction: 15
  • Science Fiction: 11
  • Fantasy: 1
  • Mystery/thriller: 1


  • Average page count: 347
  • Average audio length: 11 hours
  • Longest: 780, Winter’s Heart
  • Shortest: 58, The Churn (The Expanse 0.2)

Author Demographics

  • Female: 11
  • Male: 16
  • Nonbinary: 1
  • White: 19
  • POC: 9

Publication Year

  • 2017-18: 13
  • 2007-16: 12
  • 10+ years old: 2
  • 50+ years old: 1

The State of My Shelves

Read from my shelves: 7

Unhauled: 7 (more on the pile, just haven’t actually gotten rid of them yet)

Bought/acquired: 19 books

For the actual books I read and hauled:

Wrap Up Part 1

Wrap Up Part 2

Wrap Up Part 3

Wrap Up Part 4

November Book Haul

How was your month in books? Find any new favorites?

Comments or suggestions?

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