Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby || Nonfiction Book Review

✨A bright spot in isolation✨ ~Mini review~

Reading this third collection of essays, it feels like Samantha Irby has really settled into her groove, and found something that just ~works.~

If you haven’t read one of Irby’s earlier humor essay collections before (1, get on that, 2, seriously get on that. I recommend the audiobook like you’re listening to a mini-standup set), you can come into Wow, No Thank You expecting a healthy mix of short form jokes along with more personal stories while still being funny as hell.

It’s been so fun to read along as Irby’s life transitions from single in Chicago to settled down with a wife in the surburbs. While she makes the joke that it makes her life more boring, I’d say it just make her life more relatable. Sure, hearing about how she wrote for a comedy show in Hollywood and pitched her own is great and all, but give me complaining about the perils of home improvement any day 🤣

Like most essay collections, there was a miss here or there, but no collection can both be broad ranging AND suit everyone’s taste at the same time. I still loved it and eagerly await another book should she ever put another one together! I’ll be following along on Twitter til then.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby
Read on audio, narrated by the author
One sentence synopsis: Humorous essays ranging from life in the suburbs and female friendships to Hello 911 quips and detailing writing for TV

Do you like comedy books or do you think jokes work better on the screen?

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