Review of “The Illicit Happiness of Other People” by Manu Joseph

Illicit featured imageThe Illicit Happiness of Other People” by Manu Joseph

OK, first a little bit of plot summary:

The Chacko family is one with a tragic past. Unni Chacko, a very talented cartoonist, is only 17 years old when he falls from the family’s third floor balcony. Reality has it that he didn’t just fall — he jumped.

Flash forward three years to Ousep Chacko, a washed up, old journalist who staggers home every night and yells drunken slurs for the whole block to hear. Depending on your psychological outlook, he may seem like a father who doesn’t care or a father who cares deeply. Nevertheless, when he receives a long-lost comic that Unni had mailed to an unknown recipient the day “he did what he did,” Ousep starts questioning everyone in Unni’s mysterious life in an attempt to answer the riddle of his son’s death.

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